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Common Internet Acronyms

Common Internet Acronyms

Not an exhaustive list, but a start for parents and teachers. Download Fact Sheet

2nite – Tonight
2moz – Tomorrow
AISI – As I see it
AMA – Ask me anything
ASL – Age, sex, location
ALAP – As Late As Possible
BAE – Before anything Else
BANANA – Penis
BASIC – A boring person
BF – Boyfriend
BFF – Best Friens Forever
B4YKI – Before You Know It
BRB – Be Right Back
BRT – Be Right There
BTW – By the Way
BYAM – Betwqeen you and me
CEEBS – Can’t be bothered
CWYL – Chat with You Later
CYA – see you
CYL8R – see you later
DAE – Does anyone else
DAFUQ – (What) the f***?
DBA – Don’t bother asking
DILLIGAF – Do I look like I give a fu**
DK – Don’t know
DM – Direct message
DW – Don’t worry
DWEET – A drunk tweet
DUM – did you masturbate
DUSL – did you scream loud
E123 – Easy as One, Two, Three
EOD – End Of Day
F2F – Face-to-Face
FFS – For FU** sake
Facepalm – Ugh Idiot
FOAF – Friend Of A Friend
FOMO – Fear of missing out
FONK – Fear of not knowing
FR – For real
FTFY – Fixed that for you
FWB – Friends with benefits
G2G – Got to go
GAL – Get a life
GF – Girl Friend
GOAT – Greatest of all time
Gr8 – Great
GNOC – get naked on cam
GYPO – get your pants off
HAK – Hugs And Kisses
H8 – Hate
HIFW – How I felt when
IIT – Is it tight
ILU – I Love You
IDK – I don’t know
IDGAF – I don’t give a f***
IKR – I know, right
ILY – I Love You
IM – Instant message
IMHO – In my humble opinion
IMO – In my opinion
INBD – It’s no big deal
IRL – In real life
ISS – I said so
JK – Just kidding
JSYK – Just so you know
KICKS – Shoes
KIR – Keep it real
K – OK
KK – Ok
KPC – Keeping parents clueless
KIT – Keep in touch
KITTY – vagina
KMS – Kill myself
KPC – keeping parents clueless
KYS – Kill yourself. (Used extensively to cyberbully)

L8R – Later
LMIRL – Lets meet in real life
LMK – Let Me Know
LDR – Long distance relationship
LIT – amazing or totally drunk
LMAO – Laughing my ass off
LMFAO – Laughing my f*cking ass off
LOL – Laugh Out Loud
M8 – Mate
M/F – Male or female
MFW – My face when
MRW – My reaction when
MIR – Me in real life
NM – Not Much
NMU – Not much, You?
N/P – No problem
NSFW – Not safe for work
NTK – Nice to know
NIFOC – nude in front of computer
NM – Never Mind -or- Nothing Much -or- Nice Move
NMU – Not much, You?
OSIF – Oh Sh** I Forgot
OMG – Oh my god
OMFG – oh my F******god
OT – off topic
OTT – Over the top
OTP – On The Phone
POS – Parent over shoulder
P911 – Parent alert
PRON – Porn
PLZ – Please
PDA – Public display of affection
PPL – People
RAK – Random act of kindness
ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLMAO – Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
RT – Retweet
RTFM – Read the Fu*king manual
RUOK – Are you OK?
RU – Are You?
RUH – Are you Horny?
SOZ – sorry
SWDYT – So What Do You Think
S2R – Send to receive (pic)
SMH – Shaking my head
SRSRY – Seriously
STFU – Shut the F*** up
SUP – What’s up?
THX – Thanks
TBT – Throw back Thursday
TIL – Today I learned
TL;DR – Too long; Didn’t read
TWERK – Dance featuring gyraton of the hips
TUVM – Thank you very much
TY – Thank you
T2UL8R – Talk to you later
TDTM – Talk dirty to me
TS – Tough Sh**
TTFN – Ta Ta For Now
T2UL8R – Talk to you later
YOLO – You only live once
YSVW – You’re so very welcome
WE – What ever
WTG – Way to go
WT? – What the?
WTTP – Want to trade pics
WUF – Where You From
WYRN – What’s your real name
WFM – Works For Me
WTF – What The F***
8 – oral sex
143 – I love you
182 – I hate you
2MI – Too much information
420 – marijuana
1174 – nude club