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Raising Resilient Kids

Building Resilient Kids

Resilience is a term that has gained traction in recent years, becoming the “buzzword” if you will. It’s easy to see why. its a word that resonates with parents, carers, educators- anyone who is involved in the lives of children and teenagers, as we all have similar goals – namely, to develop strong, capable, well-balanced and above all, kind, decent, and resilient young people.


Throughout this book, a number of Australias best experts will touch on some of the biggest and most challenging influences on young people today – including cyber safety, pornography, anxiety and self-harm – and they offer not only current statistics and information, but strategies to help us as parents, educators and carers, to navigate this minefield and raise them to become confident, resilient people.

Sexts, Texts and Selfies available now.

Sexts, Texts & Selfies is indispensable for any parent hoping to give their children the skills, knowledge and strategies to use the internet in a safe, smart and responsible way.

  • Your child’s digital reputation
  • Cyberbullying survival guide
  • Why won’t they log off?
  • What you can do
  • Where to go for help

Sexts texts and selfies book

As a Family Zone Cyber Expert, I’m committed to supporting mums and dads to manage screen time and protect their kids from online risks. When you choose me as your Family Zone Cyber Expert, I’ll take care of the hard part by implementing control settings uniquely tailored to your family’s needs. I’ll also keep you up to date on the latest cyber safety research, plus up‑to‑the‑minute info on trending apps and websites you might not want your kids to access.


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Why choose Susan?

Leading Cybersafety Expert

Australian expert and internationally renowned for her knowledge on all things cybersafety and young people.

Exceptional Qualifications

Tertiary and International, and with over 21 years experience in cyberspace

Unsurpassed Experience

in dealing with online issues across all platforms

Unique Understanding

of the school environment including Special Ed settings

Comprehensive Knowledge

of all current laws (criminal and civil) and a school's duty of care to its students as it applies to online issues. When and how to involve Police.

Crisis Management

and expert policy development.

Susan McLean's latest Facebook Posts

6 days ago

Susan Mclean - Cyber Safety Expert

Even in the age of #metoo I still get upset with the way so many young girls TOLERATE inappropriate behavior directed at them by young men (not all fo course) This is a conversation from this week!

Student: Hi Susan, I am really worried about a pic I send on SnapChat to one of my friends. ( Student is shaking and in Tears)
Me: Do you know this person. Is he real?
Student: Yes he is one of my close friends.
Me: So what happened?
Student: I sent him a pic in my bra and knickers
Me: Why?
Student: Oh he wanted to see a pic of me undressed to help him with his girlfriend!!!

WTF - ( I didn't say that but thought it!!!) You are kidding me. He is using you. He is getting off on the fact you are prepared to send him these pics.
Student: I guess so, it is different when I hear it from you!

I cannot believe that a well educated young women in the 21st Century would fall for this. I told her he was using her. She sees that now but did not at the time😠

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