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Cyber Safety Solutions, Susan McLean
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Schools – Session for Primary Students

Keeping safe in Cyberspace

How to have fun and stay safe online!

Susan’s fun and interactive Primary School student session is suitable for students in the final four years of primary school and two-year levels can be combined if a suitable venue is available. The theme of this 90 – 100 minute session is Respect and Responsibility. Students complete a comprehensive three-page workbook which reinforces the learning outcomes. The book is signed by the student in class then taken home & signed by a parent/guardian to acknowledge and reinforce the content discussed. This can be a very useful tool for schools should online issues arise & can also be used for further classroom sessions.

This age-appropriate, fun & interactive session for primary students includes discussion, a vibrant power point presentation and is supported by videos and Susan’s real-life experiences. Topics covered include…

Rules and Laws

Where are they found, why we have them and what happens when we break them? Susan challenges the students to think clearly about their decisions.



What is cyberbullying and how/when does it happen? How does it make a victim feel and what can we do if we see it happen or if it is happening to us. Did you know that cyberbullying is a crime & Police can be involved?


Online ‘friends’

These online ‘friends’ are not really a friend. How strangers find us online and what they might ask us to do. We look at online child sexual predators, where they hang out and how to avoid. What is online grooming and who is at risk?


What are the sites & apps that children are using and what are the age requirements for each site? How wrong information about some apps is leading to poor decisions.

Staying safe online

How we can be as safe as possible online. How we can be as safe as possible online. How to identify a problem and what can we do if there is a problem. Why it is important that online rules are NOT broken or disobeyed?


How to be a good Digital Citizen – Questions and Discussion Time?

This PD session is 90 mins

Please note that sessions can be tailored to suit your school’s requirements in relation to the content or as a result of a specific concern.